Gooseberry Trail

on Sunday, 14 April 2013. Posted in Trails, State and National Parks and Recration Areas

Gooseberry Trail System-Utah

Gooseberry Trail Sevier County UtahOne of Sevier County’s lesser known treasures is the Gooseberry ATV Trail system. The system is located just north and east of the Paiute Trail System and east of Salina, Utah and can be easily accessed off of exit 63 along Interstate 70

Made up of part of the Great Western Trail system together with access and side routes, Gooseberry includes just over 200 miles of trail. A good portion of the trail system is two track traveling through some of the most beautiful areas in central Utah.

While there, you may want to try and catch a few of Utah’s trout from one of the lakes in the Gooseberry area. Hamilton Reservoir, Gates Lake and Farnsworth Reservoir are a few of the lakes that hold trout - both wild and stocked.

Be sure to take your camera as the Gooseberry area is well known for its elk herds. Also, keep a sharp eye out along the trail for items left behind by explorers and pioneers - the old Spanish Trail goes right through the Gooseberry system.

The Forest Service offers a free map of the Gooseberry system. To order a free map, please contact our office at 1-877-47-EVENT (1-877-473-8368) or call the Forest Service directly at (435) 896-9233.

Information obtained from the Sevier County Website. Photo Credit Kreig Rasmussen.