Blue Skies Boogie Festival

on Saturday, 13 April 2013. Posted in Events

My latest outing took me to Mesquite, NV, about 90 miles northeast of Las Vegas. I met Brad, the owner of Skydive Mesquite, and he told me about the Blue Skies Boogie Festival taking place that weekend. This is the 9th annual festival, where this great group of skydivers get together for a weekend of skydiving, a film festival, contests, and lots of fun!

He showed me the best place to set up my camera and camcorder to capture the action as 15 people at a time jumped out of a plane and floated to earth. What a rush! My own heart was pumping and I could feel the adrenaline rising, and both my feet were planted firmly on the ground! They repeated this several times throughout the day.

What a sight to first all you can see are little dots way up in the air. As they get closer, you begin to see a shape, a body, and then you see the colorful parachutes gliding gracefully to the ground. The outfits they wore were amusing, they choose crazy outfits and somehow it all looks just perfect.   I spoke to several of these daredevils and many of them take part in this sport every weekend, at different places.

They all recommended Mesquite Skydiving as a great place to go for beginners and experienced skydivers. They offer several different levels and each one is planned to get you more comfortable and experienced, starting with your first tandem jump with a certified instructor, and leading up to solo jumps.  

Brad explained that with the technology available now, skydiving is safer than ever, and that it's possible for a total beginner to take their first jump after just a few minutes of instruction. The instructor will show you the correct body positions, fit you in your harness, and off you go!  

The flight takes about 15 minutes, with scenic views of the Mesquite Area on your way up. When you reach approximately 13,000 feet above the ground, it's time to exit the plane with your instructor.   You will fall through the sky at approximately 120 miles per hour, for about 50 seconds, before deploying the parachute. From here, the instructor will expertly guide you back to the ground.  

There are a few basic rules you must follow if you want to skydive:  

        You must be 18 years old or older (no exceptions)
        You must weigh 220 lbs or less
        Wear athletic shoes: No Hook Eyes for laces, no high heels, no sandals
        Reservations are recommended, and required for weekday jumps or large groups.

Mesquite Skydive
1200 Kittyhawk Dr #105
Mesquite, NV 89027  


This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  

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